How to care for the lens

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1. Keep the edge of the handheld lens and never touch the surface of the lens with your fingers.Moisture on the fingers can sometimes damage the cover on the lens, and if the finger stays on the surface of the lens for a long time, it will become a stain.Even if you wear gloves, avoid touching the surface of the lens;

2. Do not use metal tools or pliers to handle the lens.Handling the lens by using wooden, bamboo, and plastic tools will reduce the chance of damage to the lens.For small lenses, you can use a hand-held vacuum pen;

3. Keep placing the lens on a soft surface, especially if the optical surface is raised.Resting on a hard desktop will cause scratches on the surface;

4. For lens systems or assemblies, covering the lens cover when not in use can protect the optical surface from damage.;

5. When storing the lens, it needs to be wrapped separately in a clean, soft lens box and placed in a safe place.Never put unwrapped lenses together in a box or bag, because they will be damaged when they come into contact with each other.Never put them under heavy objects.