Lens Customization Development

With the innate excellent optical performance of glass aspheric lenses and a strong design and development team, Blue Ocean Optics has been actively providing lens customization and development services to solve customer project problems.

The customized development of glass aspheric lenses can solve many traditional spherical lens bottlenecks, especially in terms of reducing weight, reducing volume, reducing distortion, improving transmittance, reducing stray light interference, and achieving large apertures. The effect is remarkable.

Solve customer application development pain points: reduce size and weight; achieve high transparency and reduce stray light; eliminate color difference and reduce distortion

01. Demand communication

Review requirements, determine feasibility, and determine whether to use aspheric design

02. Preliminary design

The first draft of the optical design, the relevant indicators are confirmed and reviewed by the customer

03. Contract & Technical Agreement

Sign the development contract and determine the acceptance criteria

04. Further design

Optical design optimization, structural design execution

05. Material processing

Processing and inspection of optical and structural materials

06. Lens production

Lens assembly, tuning and inspection

07. Customer inspection

Customer acceptance and stereotyping

08. Lens mass production

Lens mass production, ordering and delivery